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First County Fair
Thank you for stopping by We just wanted to take a minute and tell you about our ourselves. 

SGM Farms began with a little girl's desire to show sheep. When Sidney began showing, neither of us knew anything about raising, owning or showing sheep. Despite our inexperience and because of the grace and kindness of others, she had some success that first year. To say that she was hooked, would be an understatement. She continued to work hard and after 7 years of 4-H, she bought her own breeding stock and began raising her own lambs. The first two years of raising lambs proved to be both humbling and difficult. Yet again, the kid continued to work hard and the result was an awesome 10th year show day. She brought 5 lambs, a yearling, and a dam to the fair this year. All but one of those lambs was born and raised in her own barn. Her awards that year included grand and reserve grand market pairs, champion county born ewe, champion county born market lamb, and champion dam and daughter.

Since her own 4-H career is over but her love of sheep remains, we retained and strengthened our breeding stock and sell club lambs. We breed Dorset, Dorset advantage, and crossbred club lambs. 

Since that post was written for our farm Facebook page, Sidney has stepped away from the day to day work of the farm but remains involved. Because I wasn’t able to kick my sheep habit and wanted a more flexible work schedule, I decided to add custom logo design, vinyl projects, and an affordable lamb wear line to the farm business. We released Warped Wraps, our first lamb wear product, in September.  We have begun experimenting with muzzle cover prototypes and hope to release one soon. Watch for details. 
So many people have been helpful and supportive to us over the years and we hope to be able to offer that same type of help and support to our customers.
Shari Miller
SGM Farms Vinyl

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